October 7, 2014

Sages of Darkness Book Series by Brock Eastman

Have you ever read a book by Brock Eastman?  No?  You really should!  He takes you into an entirely different world full of truth, real life struggles and intense reality.  Please take a moment to check out his Kickstarter campaign for The Sages of Darkness series here.  My kids love stories about darkness, I think we all do, it lures us.  It's really hard with some of the books they want to read because I have to turn them down.  I would never turn down a Brock Eastman book.  They always lead you straight to the Truth Himself.  As a family that loves books and wants to keep to the Word in "be careful little eyes what you see", Brock does an A++ job at clean and virtuous writing.  Thanks Brock!  And please, be sure to check out his Kickstarter campaign as well as his Facebook page.