October 9, 2012

Recycle Your Clothing :)

So recently I was talking with my very good friend Becca and we were discussing clothing that you wouldn't give your neighbor's dog to play with.  Yeah, admit it, we all have those hard to give up clothing items with holes galore.  If they weren't so comfortable.  Or better yet, you would give them away, but who would have them, or love them the way that you do?  I know that my beloved t-shirt from Wet Seal that fits perfectly, and has a dozen holes in it, made of 100% cotton (no spandex thank you very much) would only end up in the garbage someplace else...or would it?  While talking with Becca I found out that Salvation Army has a clothing recycling program.  So I called our local Salvation Army to see if they participate in recycling clothing and the gentleman told me that whatever is unable to be sold in their stores they make bales out of and ship them off to Buffalo, NY where they receive money in exchange for the bale of clothing.  Then the clothing goes off to various endeavors.  This is the best news.  I have the hardest time just tossing my best loved clothing into the garbage can.  Now, I am not certain that I am ready to give up my t-shirt, however, my husband has a dozen pairs of jeans that are stained with holes in them that I am totally going to take to S.A!  He knows, he knows, I wouldn't do it without his permission.  They have needed to be tossed for a long time, I just have a difficult time throwing things away.  Can you say "pack rat"?  Yup, that's me.  Anyway, check out your local Salvation Army and see if they can benefit from your rags.  My closets are thankful to have a little less clutter, I bet yours will be too.      

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