November 17, 2014

Christmas *cost less* Shipping Hint

I have noticed that a log of Blogs are posting that dreaded topic of Shipping Christmas Presents.  I couldn't not post something for my friends and family just in case for some reason you haven't figured out what works best for you.  So here it best kept secret that all of my close friends and most of my family know, but do you know why?  

I ship presents to one address for the whole county.  I have family and friends that all live within 30 min of one destination so I usually ship gifts to my dad's house and then everybody at least has to stop by and see him once if they want their gift.  It is a win win for all :)  Those who do not fit into those guidelines get individual packages, but I usually find that the best rate for what I am doing-handmade items-is flat rate shipping through USPS.  If I am ordering through an online company, I let them do the shipping for me :)  Why pay double duty when I can do it just once, I figure the shipping box is Christmas wrapping in itself :)  Nobody seems to mind.

However, if your items do not fit into a flat rate box, and it needs to go in a large box, be sure to us UPS either online or at your local store because their rates beat large shipment rates at the local post office hands down.  No offense to my friends who work at the Post Office, it is just a real life fact. 

One thing I didn't know that I found out by reading One Good Thing By Jillee is that online stores offer free shipping when you order on Dec. 18th for that day only.  Not all online retailers participate mind you so if you are in a hurry, don't wait, however, Jillee did state that they promise to have delivery by Christmas. 

I will bore you no further with the promise of holiday costs.  I am off to do my Devotions and after that, wake up my boys.  A quiet house is never that way for too long. 

P.S. If you leave here thinking, I don't feel any wiser, read Proverbs, I promise you will learn something. :)

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